FKi Academy

Excellence for Women in New Work

More success for companies through more successful women.

Research shows: Diversity increases the company’s ability to innovate, more women in leadership achieve better economic results and heterogeneous teams make significantly better decisions. Often, however, the existing framework conditions and the corporate culture are not conducive to women’s careers. Real successes for women’s careers are achieved through culture-changing structural measures in the company and the systemic support of women through targeted training. The FKi training courses make women aware of corporate structures and interrelationships and convey the skills relevant in the context of “New Work”. Women are thus supported in developing their careers in a self-confident and future-oriented manner.


Individually tailored to your needs.

The Academy’s training courses

  • raise awareness of structures and processes in companies and show possibilities for change

  • get your employees on form and confident for “New Work” and as a result accelerate the transformation processes

  • are effective through their positive, solution-oriented approach

  • enable sound reflection and intensive learning in small groups

  • support your employees in being successful –  both personally and for the company

  • are carried out by specially trained FKi trainers

  • are held in German or English upon request

  • take place as live online trainings, webinars, in-house trainings and master classes

  • can be booked as single theme or in different theme combinations

  • are aimed at female managers and talent pools as the main target group; however, depending on individual objectives, the participation of mixed teams is also useful


FKi Academy

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