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Individual evaluation of countries and motivation and comparability in global organisations

Diversity and innovation as global issues

The FKi is currently used in over eleven countries. In addition, it is constantly expanding its cooperation with international organisations. Thanks to the cross-national exchange, global developments, different cultural events and innovative business models can provide new impulses that help us to react more quickly to current and future challenges.

FKi Global Context Analysis Indicator

Evaluation of a country’s economy and opportunities for women, focusing on the relationship between employment and the population of women.

How high is the proportion of women in management positions? Does the country have legislation on the proportion of women in boardrooms, or a comparable policy? If so, how close is the country to its pre-set quota?

What is the focus of government policy on gender equality and diversity? Women’s careers and equal treatment and, for instance, the prevention of domestic violence? How well are women economically supported by government policy (career, gender pay gap, etc.)? How close are countries to achieving their goal?

How well does the government support families? Are mothers encouraged to work and are they able to take on management positions in a company? Is there such a thing as paternal leave?

The internationalisation of the index offers companies the opportunity to review their own measures internationally and to find out about new and interesting activities and ideas from the individual countries.  Headquarters, in particular, use the opportunity to evaluate their measures on a cross-national basis and so to review and improve the global concepts.

The core of the international Women Career Index is, in addition to the internationally reviewed data collection form of FKi, a “Global Context Analysis”, which makes it possible to compare the framework conditions of the various countries and thereby to evaluate the index results in an internationally uniform manner.

Our global context analysis of the respective FKi result of a country is based on the calculation of the latest available statistics from the World Economic Forum (sub-index “Economic Participation” and “Political Empowerment”), the OECD (female labour force participation rate) and Grant Thornton (proportion of women on executive and supervisory boards by region) and many others.

Apart from cultural and legal factors, we place greater emphasis on the economic development of gender equality in each country. In addition to the economic, cultural and legal framework, the level of income inequality also proved to be a good indicator.

Country dashboard

Individual dashboards are provided for each country with their own results and benchmarks. In addition, an aggregated analysis at the international level will be prepared.  The research conducted identified the differences and main drivers for the specific countries in a precise way. Both the differences and the similarities between countries can be identified and isolated. It is then possible to develop a comprehensive understanding of actual progress in terms of policies and implementation at local and global level.

The Women’s Career Index is also the recognised management tool at international level for improving diversity in the company across countries, in an efficient and transparent manner.

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