Advantages for companies

The FKi is based on objective facts and supports your company in developing effective strategies.

If you want top women in top positions, you need an independent management tool.

The procurement, selection and development of excellent specialists and managers is a forward-looking approach for every company. Innovative companies need to know which measures effectively lead to more women in management positions and how they avoid losing employees in decisive life and career phases.

The FKi provides the figures, data and facts for this.

The key advantages at a glance

  • Your company can analyse its situation on the basis of its own data and draw industry comparisons

  • One-off, manageable costs, clear services and resilient results

  • Your commitment becomes easily measurable and documentable

  • Transparency and objectivity create trust – in the entire workforce

  • The quality of the results is ensured by scientific market research methods

  • Experiences are shared through working groups, best practice and intensive exchange at the events

  • They discuss which strategies and measures are successful in practice and lead to measurable quality improvement

  • Your company becomes an even more attractive employer for excellent women

  • The FKi entails no obligation and makes all information available to companies

  • The project is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

How our indexing process works

The FKi process is based on scientifically sound methodology:

  1. An online based questionnaire (which is filled out by the responsible departments)
  2. A detailed evaluation with numbers, data and facts in the form of a dashboard
  3. Concrete implementation recommendations with potential analysis
  4. On request, professional support during implementation

Data entry form

  1. The data entry form records the measures taken in the company and analyses the interrelationships and successes
  2. The FKi does not survey a mood, but rather the decisive parameters and dimensions for the permeability of women and innovation in companies
  3. You will receive the data entry form digitally with a link and password via e-mail.
  4. It is filled in at the company and does NOT involve the employees, but the respective departments
  5. Our hotline is at your disposal for any questions

Index creation

The overall index consists of three sub-indices.

A. Status and dynamics
B. Commitment
C. General conditions

The data for each of these three sub-areas is collected by means of an extensive questionnaire. For later evaluation, the sub-indices are combined into an overall result.

More about the methodology


On the basis of the collected data you will receive a clear presentation of your results. From this you can derive clear recommendations for action, develop new strategies and review existing measures. In this way, you can ensure that your efforts achieve the desired success.

More about the methodology


Many companies have already incorporated the development of more women in management positions into their corporate goals. However, despite efforts, the targets are not being met. We can help you develop and implement successful strategies and start with the most effective and culture-changing measures to achieve visible and sustainable improvements in your organisation.

More about the methodology

The Women Career Index is the management tool to clearly measure and sustainably improve the advancement of women.

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The index model can be used regardless of company size or sector. The basis of the FKi analysis is the data that the company provides us with by filling out the three-part questionnaire. In case of repeated participation, the data only needs to be updated.

Yes, with the dashboard you also get a comparison with other companies.

You have a choice:

Public participation: You choose whether your company is publicly named in the index and at the events.

Anonymous participation: You choose whether your company uses all aspects of the index but is not named publicly.

For the FKi, theoretical and empirical studies on career advancement of women in companies were analysed and assessed together with social scientists and economists from the DIW and the TU Berlin worldwide. In addition, numerous interviews were conducted with personnel directors or personnel officers in various companies. In a second step, the different statistical methods were screened and discussed to what extent they could be used in such a sophisticated set of instruments. Based on these preliminary studies and with the help of a pre-test, the actual instrument was then developed in several stages over two years (2012-2014). The FKi was developed through collaboration with, among others.

Dr. Joachim Scharioth, managing partner of JoScha Kulturprojekte gGmbH and active since 1969 in applied research, the development of empirically based strategies for companies and public bodies with a focus on technology and society. He was managing director of TNS and is the developer of the TRI:M Index and author of scientific books and articles on index development and corporate governance.
Mr. Uwe Braun and Prof. Dr. Stefan Tuschl, founders of komma Forschungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft, whose substantive focus, in addition to classic market research, is on consulting and conducting sophisticated statistical analyses as well as modelling.