The FKi at a Glance

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

FKi is the benchmark for the advancement of women.

The Women’s Career Index (FKi) is the management tool for more women in leadership. As the first measurement tool for the development of successful women’s careers, it has alread provided important support in the areas of new leadership, diversity and transformation to over 300 companies in 16 countries.

Clear facts since 2012

The FKi was developed in 2012 by Barbara Lutz and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The FKi provides important indicators in the areas of new leadership, diversity and transformation. The FKi does not offer an isolated view of individual factors, but rather detailed insights into interrelationships and mechanisms of action that support the advancement of women and promote diversity in the company and thus also form the basis for innovations.


Tried and tested and scientifically based index model.


Concrete recommendations for action for participating companies.


Over 300 companies have participated in the FKi since 2012.

The FKi helps companies to become more open and agile

The results of the FKi prove this: Those who promote the permeability of women’s careers in the company create agile structures and a cultural openness. Because women in leadership are considered to be:

Indicator of innovative strength and transformation ability
Important decision criterion for investors and investment houses
Important and are an attractive factor for employees of the current and future generation

The FKi evaluates transparently and makes concrete recommendations

As an index for women, leadership and innovation, the FKi provides in-depth insights into the interrelationships and effects of women’s advancement in companies.

  • Tried and tested KPi system since 2012
  • Sound description of the ACTUAL state
  • Comprehensive dashboard and guideline for effective measures

The FKi has already successfully supported over 200 companies

The companies indexed by the FKi employ over 1.1 million people. Of these, 33% are women in the total workforce. Under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the most progressive companies are honoured every year.

Entrepreneurial excellence comes from the best employees. The Women’s Career Index offers you an opportunity for modern positioning and differentiation in the job market.

Many companies want to change something. But goals alone without appropriate measures are not successful. The question is what needs to be done to move forward and achieve the goals. Three years of research make it clear: the issue is long-term and protracted. Successful companies plan the marathon, not the sprint.

Barbara Lutz, CEO Women’s Career Index

Development of the FKi

First idea to develop an index for more women in leadership. Many decisions in board meetings are made on the basis of figures, data and facts and KPi (Key Performance Indicators). Only the topic of women in companies is recurrently discussed in an emotional, unfounded and personal way. Clear facts are necessary for good decisions.

“If you can measure it, you can manage it.”

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Youth and Women funded the scientific development of the index. Initial analyses of extensive national and international gender research with the DIW and the TU Berlin are being analysed and assessed, and interviews are being conducted with HR directors or HR officers in various companies. Statistical methods are screened and assessed: to what extent can they be used in such a sophisticated toolkit?

The index development is progressing, the model is being developed and various pilots are being tested together with companies. In total, over 40 face-to-face meetings are held with companies to analyse their needs for successful indexation. This approach allows the index model to be designed in such a way that different company structures, reporting instruments and industries can be indexed.

The first wave of indexation is underway.

First survey and award of the companies.

The FKi becomes independent and receives authorisation to found the Barbara Lutz Index Management GmbH. The BMFSFJ takes over the patronage and accompanies the FKi.

The survey form is digitalised and an automated process is established from participation to evaluation. The first company meetings are organised and the exchange of experts between the FKi companies is established.

Bloomberg and the Süddeutsche Zeitung become media and cooperation partners of the FKi.

The FKi is internationalised and surveys are carried out in 11 countries together with companies. In addition, more and more advisory concepts are requested and the FKi offers a comprehensive advisory service.

International cooperations are entered into and various lecture tours are conducted in Asia.

The FKi continues to develop and is now the established analysis tool for more women in leadership and diversity in Germany.

The IMPACT OF DIVERITY THINK TANK AND AWARD was founded to show the connection between diversity and impact in companies.

Legal background

Some companies are not aware that they are affected by the 1 May 2015 Act on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Leadership Positions in the Private and Public Sector. Approximately 3000 relevant companies are assumed to be subject to the law. This law affects the company forms AG, KGaA, SE, GmbH, eG and VVaG, which must now name binding target figures for the executive board, the management and the two top management levels below.

With the FKi, qualified reporting and target figures for the Equal Participation Act can be created quickly, clearly and verifiably.

In March 2017, the Federal Government completed the first survey on the development of the proportion of women and men at management levels and in bodies in the private and public sectors. In addition to positive developments on the supervisory boards, it is noted that too little is happening at the board level and the upper management levels.

Greater efforts and better measures are called for. Taking a critical look at one’s own company and measuring developments creates transparency and motivation and is becoming a corporate standard.

The minds behind the FKi

Barbara Lutz

Barbara Lutz is the founder of the Women’s Career Index as well as CEO of the consulting and management company Barbara Lutz Index Management GmbH.

Barbara Lutz is a renowned top manager in the communications industry. Before founding her own company, Barbara Lutz worked in various management positions at market leaders in the banking sector, in management consulting and in the advertising industry. These include positions as Managing Director at the French communication consultancy Publicis Groupe S.A., as Management Supervisor at the American Ogilvy Group and as Director of Communication and Marketing at the Commerzbank Group.

Barbara Lutz was an external consultant and expert for the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. She is a sought-after expert and speaker on the topics of “Women and Careers” and “Personal Branding – The Effects of Brand Management Strategies on Personal Careers”.

Joachim Scharioth

Dr. Joachim Scharioth is scientific advisor of the Women’s Career Index and managing partner of JoScha Kulturprojekte gGmbH. Since 1969 he has been active in applied research, the development of empirically based strategies for companies and public bodies with a focus on technology and society.

In the early nineties, he increasingly specialised in stakeholder management, i.e. measuring and shaping the relationships between organisations and their stakeholders, such as customers, employees or social groups interested in the organisation (reputation of the organisation). Dr. Joachim Scharioth is the founder of TRI*M, the world’s leading stakeholder management system.

From 1988 to 2007 he was one of the managing directors of TNS Infratest GmbH in Munich and since the mid-1990s has been responsible for TNS’s stakeholder management business in more than 70 countries. From 1987 to 1996 he held the office of Chairman of the Working Group of Social Science Institutes and of the Board of Directors of the Information Centre for Social Sciences in Bonn.

To this day, Scharioth lectures and publishes on the topics of customer loyalty, service quality, the balanced scorecard, complaints management, employee commitment, citizen participation and the interaction of technology, environment, society and economy (scenarios).

Prof. Dr. Stefan Tuschl and Uwe Braun – komma

komma Forschungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft was founded at the end of 2012 by Uwe Braun and Prof. Dr. Stefan Tuschl. In addition to classic market research, the company focuses on consulting and conducting sophisticated static analyses and modelling.

The two founders and managing directors have more than 20 years of research and consulting experience. Before founding komma, Uwe Braun was deputy managing director at TNS Infratest, specialising in brand and communication research and consulting for financial service providers.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Tuschl was an authorised signatory and head of the Applied Marketing Science Competence Centre at TNS Infratest; since 2012, in addition to his work at komma, he has been a professor for “Quantitative Methods” at the HAW Hamburg State University of Applied Sciences.


The index model can be used regardless of company size or sector. The basis of the FKi analysis is the data that the company provides us with by filling out the three-part questionnaire. In case of repeated participation, the data will only need to be updated.

Yes, with the dashboard you also get a comparison with other companies.

You can choose between these options:

Public participation: You choose whether your company is publicly named in the index and at the events.

Anonymous participation: You choose whether your company uses all aspects of the index but is not named publicly.

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