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Your participation in the FKi

The Women Career Index is conducted annually. Participation is possible at any time and the results are made available 4-6 weeks after the survey form has been returned. You will receive a complete analysis and evaluation. The knowledge and database of the FKi serves as a benchmark.


In addition to the indexation of companies, we offer the following services and packages for individual company needs:

Basic Package


  • Kick-off Workshop

  • Embedding the analysis in human resources processes and comprehensive presentation of results

  • In-depth exploration in company according to the results of the index for further qualitative discussion with the men and women concerned

  • Presentation of results

Medium Package

Project management and strategy development in the company

  • Complete Basic Package

  • Strategy and goal workshop

  • Derivation of fields of action including implementation strategy

  • Workshop on the Operationalisation

  • Action plan coordinated in terms of time and organisation

Large package

Comprehensive support in the company and implementation

  • Complete Basic Package

  • Complete Medium Package

  • Professional sparring workshop to measure success

  • Further application of the FKi, KPIs and measuring instruments

  • Documentation of project results and for measuring progress


Rollout in several countries

  • Individualisation of the digital data entry form including overriding global measures of the company

  • Survey in the countries on the basis of the standardised survey questionnaire including the specific requirements of the respective HQ and the individual local measures

  • Application of the FKi Global Context Analysis Indicator

  • Evaluation of the results and consideration according to company benchmarks and country benchmarks

  • Country specific dashboard and global dashboard for internal company comparison

Individual packages

The FKi is available to all companies and organisations, regardless of industry and size. On request, we can offer an individual package with the most relevant content and tools.

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Yes, you will receive a classification of your company in comparison to other companies in your industry. In addition, the FKi ranking provides an overview of all participating companies.

You will not enter into a permanent commitment with FKi, but can work independently with the results. However, repeated participation and continuous development will demonstrably increase your effectiveness by documenting the development of your company, making adjustments to measures and designing new strategies in a targeted manner. We will be happy to help you with the planning and implementation.

FKi offers workshops and training courses on topics such as diversity, innovation, modern leadership and new work. Please also visit our offer at FKi ACADEMY.