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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is an IT company that helps customers move forward faster. We help IT environments become more efficient, productive and secure, enabling them to respond quickly and flexibly to a rapidly changing competitive environment. The digital transformation is revolutionizing all industries, we make hybrid IT simple, we support the Intelligent Edge and we have the expertise to make it happen.

Promotion of women at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We regard diversity in the composition of our workforce as one of the key factors in our corporate success. People of different origins, gender and age with a wide range of individual skills represent an enormous creative potential.

As an IT company, we support our customers in the transformation to a digitalized future. The digitalization of the world of work is not only a technological but also a cultural change, which requires a high degree of adaptability and a great variety of perspectives. Female and male strengths are equally required. We are therefore committed to improving the gender balance, especially in management positions.

We have been setting ourselves binding targets since 2012, which we are consistently pursuing. The proportion of women in management has risen continuously since 2012. Dialogue with managers has established an awareness of the importance of identifying and promoting female talent early in their careers. Numerous measures, such as company-wide talent pools, mentoring and sponsorship, and talent marketplaces, address the issue of a management career – the visibility of talent and the determination to break with traditional patterns.

It is important to us that gender equality is not just a measurable number. Rather, as an employer, we see ourselves faced with the task of driving forward a process of change so that women’s careers in IT become a matter of course. We are convinced that this is not a sprint that you put down from one day to the next, but a marathon that requires stamina and long-term measures.  Our open corporate culture helps us to break through traditional patterns and to anchor our measures in a sustainable manner. For us, the FKI is a way of staying the marathon, making our commitment visible and learning from other companies.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Herrenberger Straße 140
71034 Böblingen

Contact person

Eva Faenger Diversity Manager Hewlett-Packard GmbH Phone: +49 (0)2102 / 9483467 eva.faenger@hpe.com

Company data

Number of employees worldwide: 50.000

Share of women worldwide: 32% * (Living Progress Report – data basis 2016)

Share of women in management positions worldwide: 25% * (Living Progress Report – data basis 2016)

Locations Germany: Head office is Böblingen with 7 branch offices

Locations worldwide: Headquarters in Palo Alto (California) Presence in numerous countries worldwide.

* As of March 2018