Hypovereinsbank – Member of UniCredit

Promotion of women at the HypoVereinsbank

The repeatedly good result in the Women’s Career Index is an expression of our initiatives to promote a culture of diversity and the compatibility of family and career at UniCredit. In our view, a diversified workforce with different perspectives is an important factor for the innovative strength of a company. It helps to create greater value for customers and shareholders in a dynamic market environment. We have been participating in the FKi since 2012 and can observe a development in the proportion of women in specialist and management positions from 22 to 28 percent in six years”. (Georg Rohleder, Head of Human Resources at HypoVereinsbank)

Company data

Number of employees: 12618

Share of women: 46% Number of employees 31 March 2018

HypoVereinsbank – Member of UniCredit
HypoVereinsbank (UniCredit Bank AG)
Arabellastraße 12
81925 München