SBK Siemens Betriebskrankenkassen

The promotion of women is clearly the focus of human resources development

The promotion of women has been a top priority at SBK for some years now. It has, so to speak, become a top priority and is firmly anchored in SBK’s corporate mission statement. In recent years, a lot has been set in motion. The number of female applications for management positions has increased significantly, and this is also reflected in the number of positions filled. This is partly because the SBK Equal Opportunities Officer does more than the originally planned tasks, and managers have recognized the opportunities offered by women in management positions. The vision: the 69 percent share of women in the company should be reflected in equal measure in the filling of management positions at all levels of management, but especially in middle and upper management. A number of important steps have already been initiated along the way:

Active women’s network

Here women in leading positions meet regularly to exchange experiences. Moreover, they identify new potential female managers, actively approach them and motivate them. In addition, they accompany new managers and thus make it easier for them to enter their new position.

Expansion of the range of seminars for female talents: The focus here is, for example, on topics such as career planning perspectives and the understanding of roles in leadership (from professional to disciplinary leadership).

Expansion of flexible working time models

And not only for women. Working in individual part-time programmes and the use of flexitime and parental leave by both men and women create a dynamic framework in which women can also develop even more effectively as managers.

Advisory services for the compatibility of family and career

The SBK now provides intensive advice on this. Contact persons are local managers, the Equal Opportunities Officer, women’s representatives in all SBK regions throughout Germany, the staff of the Human Resources department and our external cooperation partner PME Familienservice. In addition to providing advice, very practical services (e.g. childcare facilities) also help to keep women in management positions free.

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The Siemens company health insurance fund SBK is one of the largest company health insurance funds in Germany and is among the 20 largest statutory health insurance funds.

The SBK in numbers:

  • Founded: 1908
  • Legal status: Corporation under public law with self-administration
  • Management Board: Hans Unterhuber (Chairman), Dr. Gertrud Demmler
  • Chairman of the Board: Bettina Muttelsee-Schön (HR, Siemens AG), Bruno Wägner (Chairman of the Works Council, Siemens AG)
  • Insured: 1,026,000, of which 751,000 paying members
  • Employees: 534, thereof 178 trainees
  • Locations: 104 offices nationwide
  • Budget 2014: €2.67 billion
  • Contribution rate 2016: 15.9%.
  • Administration costs: 124.39 € per insured person p. a. (GKV average: 142,- €)
  • SBK has received numerous awards for its service, achievements, financial strength and as an employer

Company data

Number of employees worldwide: 1.534

Share of women worldwide: 69 %

Share of women in management positions worldwide: 42 % professional + disciplinary 20 % senior management 25 % middle management 39 % lower management 46 % technical management

Part-time quota in the company: 31 % = 481 employees (95 % female and 5 % male)