Women Career Index presents results of the 2017 survey phase

More women in leadership is feasible

Frankfurt/Munich, 08.03.2017. 

A successful and sustainable increase in the number of female executives is possible if women are given the opportunity to move up the career ladder from the bottom to the top. 

Often, however, the prerequisites for “bottom up” permeability in companies must first be created. The results of the FKi show that breaking up old structures in order to bring more women into leadership also significantly changes the culture in the company and, as a result, supports modern development. This agility is what companies absolutely need in times of digitalisation and transformation.

The FKi 2017 is a survey of 35 participating companies and organisations, which can be indexed based on a 40-page questionnaire. Over a period of 5 years, the FKi companies have brought significantly more women into leadership than the German average. The structure of the examined companies shows that positive developments are possible in the mechanical engineering, IT sector, banks, services and consulting firms, as well as in consumer goods manufacturers and universities. All companies have a strategic and structured approach to more women in leadership in common.

The work of the FKi is to make the development of women pursueing careers in Germany transparent and measurable. To this end, the internal potential of companies is recorded and analysed on the basis of figures, data and facts. The result of the company-specific analyses (index value) is decisive for the position in the overall ranking. It allows companies to make a direct comparison with other participants. With the indexing, the expert interviews, additional surveys and in the exchange between the companies, the findings of the FKi are constantly being expanded and validated.

The FKi has conducted analyses for over 160 companies with a total of 970,054 employees. Among them were 370,110 women. This concerns 18,174 managers (level ABC) and among them 3,976 women. This corresponds to a share of leadership of 27% of women. The companies participating in the FKi have improved their proportion of women at level A by an average of 4% to 15.6% since 2012, the AB level shows a growth of 5.8% to 23.2% and the ABC levels have increased by 6% to 27%.

 On March 8th, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Bloomberg L.P. in Frankfurt will present the 5th awards to companies under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and present the results. State Secretary Dr. Kleindiek will personally honor the companies and present the awards.

“It is not only the top performers in the rankings that show an increase in the number of women in the lead. All participating companies have been able to document demonstrable improvements over the years,” Barbara Lutz sums up.

“We see a clear move away from lengthy change programs. The challenges of transformation and the quest for agile structures simply don’t allow time for this – modern companies take culture-changing measures and constantly review them,” says Barbara Lutz, describing the results. Even though companies have internalised that more women in leadership is a marathon, not a sprint.


Background Women Career Index

The FKi is an independent measuring instrument that can be used by companies and organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to examine how women at various management levels develop in their careers. The FKi measures and controls the advancement of women in companies. It provides key figures for control and implementation and checks how it is possible to attract and retain more women in careers in the long term. The FKi is an instrument that supports companies in developing concepts, formulating, achieving and documenting goals in this area. In the founding years 2012 and 2013, the FKi was funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Since 2015, the BMFSFJ has been the patron and Federal Minister Katarina Barley is this year’s patron of the award for companies. 

More information is available at: https://fki-diversity.com/


Barbara Lutz


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