Impact of diversity

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On the positive impact of diversity on business and society

Diversity and innovation are strongly linked and are already seen by some companies as important future drivers. But also the social framework conditions such as education, universities, acceptance of working mothers are part of a meaningful social debate.

Numerous institutions and stakeholders from various diversity dimensions are already working consistently and sustainably on this topic. Many are looking for reliable and serious formats to advance the topic in terms of content and publicity.

The Diversity Award and FKi

  1. It’s time to summarise the various diversity drivers and explain the connections.
  2. It is time to clarify how diversity has a positive impact on business and society through the proportion of women in leadership, LGBT*IQ, social background, disability and internationality.

Impact of Diversity under the sponsorship of the BMFSFJ is intended to achieve this and, especially in the post-Corona period, to keep the topic lively and appealing. It is therefore of particular concern to us to start the call for proposals and the addressing of the public and stakeholders as early as July 2020. We will accompany this with continuous communication in our IoD Think Tank in cooperation with FemaleOneZero (F10) and FKi. For many years FKi has been demonstrating that various companies are better prepared for transformation and change processes than others. More women in leadership are the core indicators for the openness of the company as well as for other diversity characteristics.


Three pillars for greater impact on diversity


  • With FKi, companies can demonstrably bring more women into leadership, review their diversity concepts and achieve efficiency and sustainability in diversity management.
  • The FKi index has been successfully used by companies since 2012 and is the established seal of approval for companies that promote diversity and women.
  • FKi is under the patronage of the BMFSFJ and once a year it organises the award and recognition of companies in the context of a specialist conference with extensive media coverage and the BMFSFJ in Berlin.

Figures, data, and facts are needed for an objective debate on diversity

Think Tank

  • The think tank is intended to create a continuous platform for the exchange of ideas between the most important players from business, politics and society, a space for the exchange of experiences, an accelerator for concepts and ideas towards measurable changes (Impact!).
  • Publication of high-quality journalistic content pieces in the form of interviews, portraits, features, videos and podcasts on FemaleOneZero (F10).

The protagonists of the think tank

  • Partner company FKi, sponsors IoD21
  • Opinion leaders (multipliers and business influencers “Voise of IoD”) and jury members

Building awareness and continuous, broad exchange on the topic of diversity

The Award

  • The award is public and in the previous months the categories and different diversity dimensions have already been presented, users and readers have been called upon to vote and therefore topics and contents are continuously covered.
  • The award honours the outstanding personalities or the most innovative measures in various categories.
  • The jury is made up of experts from industries, universities, companies, associations and initiatives.
  • In addition, readers of the various media can vote on an online platform and submit nominees and ideas. This ensures comprehensive coverage, awareness and participation of different groups and stakeholders.

Wide audience and gala event

Partner initiatives


Why you should be involved

  • There are many events on the topic of diverstity - our focus is to provide a comprehensive and sustainable approach to the topic with all influencing factors and to explain the interrelationships.

  • The Women’s Career Index has been analysing companies for 7 years and is a credible partner for more diversity in the company. In the evaluation of companies, numbers, data and facts count; this spirit and high credibility also carry the "Impact of Diversity" Award IoD21

  • Their participation supports employer branding and creates credibility on the topic of diversity in the company and appeals to young women and men alike.

  • Position yourself with a clear commitment to more diversity in companies and ensure that this topic does not fade into the background in the wake of the Corona pandemic. Use the unique reach of the initiative

  • Support the key protagonists and our partner initiatives for more diversity by helping to make this player and their initiatives visible.

  • Support the key protagonists and our partner initiatives for more diversity by helping to make this player and their initiatives visible.

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