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Monotony vs. Diversity: Digitization does not work without women

For a long time now, I have been asking myself how we can better explain that diversity in companies supports innovation and change. “Digitization without women is not possible” is initially just a postulate. It is important to understand why this is actually the case.

Here are my thoughts:

Let’s not kid ourselves, unfortunately women cannot heal or improve an existing organization just because they are women. First, organizations must change to allow women to pass through the structures and create fair conditions for careers. The systemic changes in processes and functioning of companies that are necessary to achieve this also enable innovation. In this way, women’s career opportunities are the yardstick for corporate success and also enable the company to open up to the acceptance of other diversity items and characteristics.

I think we need a change of perspective on the topic of diversity!

The opposite of diversity is monotony. Monotony is boring, soporific and can even be dangerous, as attention seems to be no longer necessary. In companies, monotony is especially critical.

Being among your peers means you know each other, you know how to react, you feel safe and secure and seem to have everything under control. Everyone involved reacts in a well-rehearsed and seemingly efficient manner. And that is precisely why monotony is the greatest gateway for disruption and the fundamental threat to one’s own business model from outside innovations. In monotony, the critical view atrophies – diversity is the fundamental prerequisite for innovation and new perspectives.
Many industries need to renew themselves, the established offers no guarantees for the future and change becomes a basic requirement for success. Therefore, diversity is an opportunity and not optional.

So why not a change of perspective on the topic of diversity – if we imagine the opposite, the monotony, then it suddenly becomes clear what mobility diversity can bring to structures and companies.

Diversity creates innovation!


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Monotony is boring, soporific and dangerous for companies!


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